Reviews and Testimonials

The Blind Taste Test:


"We did a blind taste test here at our store with two grills, side by side, one using the leading brand pellets and the other using "Q" Pellets. We then had a half dozen people taste the food, not knowing which was cooked on which grill. Every person said the food cooked on the "Q" Pellets tasted better -- they were unanimous!" - Renea, The Wood Shed, Orange, CA


BBQ Restaurant Customers:

"Switching to "Q" Pellets BBQ pellets has taken our BBQ to the next level in taste and quality. Our customers have noticed the difference--AND we are saving money." - The Grill Hut, Bakersfield, CA

"Thanks for the pellets. The product is awesome. Great BTUs." - Chris, Swampwater Grill, OH

"So much better flavor than the other brands we've tried. The owner is from Texas, and very picky about flavor." - Bill, Wise BBQ Food Truck, CA


Professional Food Critic:

"As a food critic and an owner of 5 smokers, I know what great smoked meats should taste like and since switching to Q-Pellets, I can honesty say that their pellets are as good as they claim to be and my smoked ribs, turkey and chicken thank me for making them taste and look oh so good! Happy Eating!" - Allan Borgen, Food Critic,


Professional Competition BBQ Teams:

"The pellets were a huge improvement and I took 1st in ribs this weekend. Thanks again for such great pellets and I will be placing an order when I come down." - Dave, Smokehouse10 BBQ, Martinez, CA


"Thanks for the great service and fantastic pellets! We used them for the first time in a recent competition. They burned hot and clean, gave us the smoke flavor we were looking for and are now our teams pellets of choice! We will never go back to Traeger pellets again!" - Tony, Big Daddy's Q'n Crew


"We are so happy with our Q Pellets. We just RGC'ed at Anaheim day # 2 and took home 8 trophies for the weekend with the highlights being 3rd in ribs & 6th in brisket on day # 1 and 5th in chicken, 4th in ribs, 1st in pork and 4th in brisket on day # 2 and capturing our 2nd RGC. After a two day competition where we cooked for over 30 hours, we had less than 3 cups of ash. With other brands, we would start to get ash floating around in the cooking chamber and landing on the meats. Not with your great product. Thank You for the great pellets, can't wait to get to the next contest and get our first GC.

Update---This past season we have been on quite a roll. We have won 5th at [the bbq competition in] Grand Junction, 4th at Telluride, 3rd at Dana Point, Reserve Grand Champion at Cottonwood, Grand Champion at Lancaster, and now Grand Champion at Laughlin against the toughest field ever (we won a Camaro SS!). Thanks for the great pellets; people are coming to me asking about my wonderful "flavor profile" and I tell them "it starts with the smoke." - Steve, The Pit Crew


"Used them for the first time at a competition this weekend, and I love them. Ran my FEC100 at 232 for 18 hours at low then high temps and only burned maybe 18lbs. Normally I would be at over 20lbs with other products. I am happy "to display your product [and] talk about how awesome these pellets are." - Big Aces BBQ, Aliso Viejo,CA



"I have been smokn for many years using my FEC100. I am a KCBS judge as well as competitive cooker. I have tried BBQ Delights pellets as well as Cookshacks and a variety of others. There are 2 brands of pellets that set themselves apart from the others. Q Pellets is my favorite of the 2. They burn clean, they infuse the meat with a better smoke and they seem to be the ideal pellet for my smoker. My friend has a trager and thru my recommendation now only uses Q Pellets. My heavy meats get the smoke flavor that is sometimes very hard to get with other pellets. I would give these a try for sure. They could be the game changer you are looking for." - Cptn Joe, McKinney, TX


"Using your "Q" Pellets, I won two competitions in a row: First Place in one and then Second Place in the other." - Ron V., Glendora, CA


"After switching to "Q" Pellets from, I burn almost 20% less fuel than before!" - Chris, Temecula


"Your pellets have a lot more flavor than the ones I have been using. Now I'm blending my old ones in, just to use them up, then switch to yours." - Bar JH BBQ, Moorpark, CA


 - Franks Smokin' BBQ team, Joplin, MO, with ribbon they won, and secret weapon, our "Q" Pellets!


What people are saying about our "Q" Pellets on a leading BBQ forum:

"You've made me a believer buy selling me a single bag of the mix to try!"

"These pellets were much less than any other bulk price and the quality and service are great!"

"I was just excited to have found a quality pellet at a good cost!"

"The more I use your pellets, the more I like them. Thanks for a Quality product @ an affordable price!"



See what our customers are saying about our "Q" Pellets:

"I love your "Q" Pellets! They are awesome. The flavor of the food is amazing! Had to smoke 3 briskets and 9 racks of ribs for a party and everyone loved them. I could tell a big difference between the Traeger pellets and your brand." - Mike, Miles City, Montana

"We are beginners and first bought a bag of Traeger pellets. Then we tried "Q" Pellets. The difference was amazing! Here is an order for 6 bags. Even with the shipping cost to Texas, its worth it!" - Peggy, Brookshire, Texas

"There is a world of difference between your "Q" Pellets and what I was using before. Even my wife commented on the better smoke flavor, which really comes through with your pellets." - Alex, San Fernando, CA

"I've tried your pellets and they are far superior to any others." - Michael, Denver, CO

"I have used "Q" Pellets for 9 months or so and quit using everything else. They are awesome!" - Reuben, Katy, Texas

"The difference between "Q" Pellets and other brands is like night and day!" - Craig, Los Angeles

"LOVE the pellets! Best out there by far!" - Jeff, Los Angeles

"I bought a bag on Saturday to smoke the 15# pork shoulder in my Traeger. I started the smoker first thing this morning and this evening for dinner we ate some of the tastiest smoked meat I have made using these fantastic pellets. They burned very evenly, with consistent smoke and low heat fluctuation (of course I am using a digital thermostat), producing a deep smoke ring on every slice. I highly recommend them to all Traeger owners (and owners of any other pellet-fed smoker) and I intend to buy several more bags from them in the future!" - Shawn C.

"I have been dying to get my hands on some quality pellets for my Traeger BBQ but it is tough here in SoCal. I searched on line and found 'Q' Pellets in La Crescenta.There is no storefront, they distribute from their home but I can tell you the pellets are #1 quality and the prices are awesome! I called in the morning and picked up same day, no muss-no fuss! BBQ tonight!" - Kip M.

"We smoke a lot of salmon, and although Alder is often used, we have found your Premium Blend does wonders for salmon. It compliments the flavor of the salmon. It is incredible. We love it." - Dee, San Francisco

"Your pellets are the best I’ve found for smoking" - Justin, Berrima, Australia

"Just wanted to let you know how great my experience with your pellets has been. I have done 3 cooks since switching from Traeger pellets and the difference is quite noticeable. I saw an immediate difference in the amount of pellets used. The flavor and color was also way better with these pellets. I love my Traeger, but your pellets make it better. I enclosed a couple of pics with my X-mas prime rib and New Years pulled pork sandwich done with Q pellets. Looking forward to trying your other flavors." - Greg, Culver City

"I have a pellet smoker i have used your pellets before and they are by far better than what i would normally use. The flavor and the smoke is so much better. Guess that's what you get when you use Quality. (compare diamonds to stones)" - James, Seabrook, TX

"Hi, I own a Traeger Lil Tex for over 4 yrs, I have used the Traeger Pellets for as long as I owned my Traeger and was disappointed on the smoke flavor and taste of the pellets. No matter what pellets I used whether it was Hickory, Oak, Apple or Mesquite the smoke flavor and taste was weak and barely distinguishable. So , last week a did some research on the internet and found that the Traeger Pellets were flavored pellets that used wood fillers, although the bag stated "all Natural". After searching for a better product, I found "Q Pellets" and decided to give them a try, I ordered the 100% Hickory Pellets which is actually cheaper than the Traeger Pellets I was purchasing. Wow! I could actually smell Hickory as soon as a fired up the Traeger and the taste of the ribs I was cooking was just outstanding, it had noticeable hickory flavor that was perfect.